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                              by Terry A. Hull                             
  freelance commercial writer



The Six Supreme Rules of Web Writing

A webpage stands or falls on the quality of the writing.  Nobody wants to read a page that is written poorly.  Before you become overly concerned about meta tags and keywords and SEO, construct a page that is worth reading. …

How Long Should Your Web Page Be? (How to Fry an Egg Online)

What is the ideal length for your web page?  There is no rule.  The purpose and content of the page will dictate how long it should be.  Here’s my advice …     



Seven Secrets of Killer Brochures

There are many creative ways to market your business or organization in the digital age.  But the one time-tested marketing tool that most successful organizations continue to keep in their toolbox is a good brochure. …



SEO: How Important Is It, and Which Factors Matter Most?

SEO sometimes goes beyond the science and takes on an addictive-obsessive quality, like UFOs or conspiracy theories or Dr. Who reruns.  Sure, search engine optimization is important topic.  But let’s get SEO in perspective. …

Most Important SEO Factors According to the Experts

Google analyzes more than 200 factors when it creates and ranks search results.  Wow!  Furthermore, Google and the other search engines are always fine-tuning their algorithms to create the perfect search.  In other words, they keep changing the game. …

SEO Fast Lane, Part 1: Five Key Actions Can Make a Big SEO Difference (The 65-35 Rule of Good SEO)

If 100% represents the maximum SEO possible if you were to use every strategy known to the SEO world, you can achieve up to 65% of those SEO results by carrying out these five steps. …

SEO Fast Lane, Part 2: Four Reasons Why Search Optimization Requires Good Content (In SEO, Content Really is King)

The single most important thing a website owner can do to achieve good SEO is to have good content.  That may sound like another goody-goody aphorism.  You may respond: “Skip this point and get to all the great SEO tricks.”  But it really is true.  No amount of tips and tricks can generate quality SEO traffic to a website that does not have quality content. …

SEO Fast Lane, Part 3: Building Your Initial Keyword List

Developing a good list of keywords and using those keywords strategically on your website is a big part of the SEO battle.  It all starts with creating your initial keyword list. …

SEO Fast Lane, Part 4: Fine-Tuning Your Keyword List

This page is in development.  Please check back.

SEO Fast Lane, Part 5: Keyword Placement.  Strategically Placing Your Keywords

This page is in development.  Please check back.

SEO Fast Lane, Part 6: Inbound Links.  Attracting Inbound Links to your Website.

This page is in development.  Please check back.

SEO Fast Lane, Part 7: The Most Serious SEO Mistakes (Avoid These Fatal Mistakes the Search Engines Will Count Against You)

This page is in development.  Please check back.



Marketing Isn’t Really That Hard to Define

The term “marketing” has been around for more than a century.  Yet every day somebody writes a new article declaring “what marketing means,” as if we have been without a clear definition all this time. …

The 4 Ps (and 2 Cs) of the Marketing Mix

There is only one right focus for your promotional materials: the customer.  It is always all about the customers, clients, members, donors, etc.  Here is a checklist of 60 things to think about when promoting the benefits of your product or service …

One More Time Repeat After Me: Sell Benefits, Not Features

One of the biggest mistakes made in marketing materials is focusing on the product or service rather than the consumer.  In other words, focusing on features rather than benefits …