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Let's Set up a 'Blogging Package' to Turn Your Blog into an Effective Marketing Tool


Recruit me to contribute quality posts to keep your blog fresh and interesting.  I can provide a variety of posts -- from longer, more thoughtful pieces to “bullet posts” (one-sentence and one-paragraph blurbs).  For source material, I will use news and notes you provide as well as my own online research.

To achieve a successful blog, I recommend a minimum of two posts per week.  The top 5,000 bloggers in Technorati's State of the Blogosphere 2010 publish an average of 2 to 14 posts per day. To keep up with the demands of a successul blog, 12% of bloggers pay freelancers to help with the content.

I can, of course, work on a per-post basis.  A typical medium-sized blog post takes 1-2 hours to research and write.  Sometimes in the process of researching one blog post I will come across other materials which can make good additional bullet posts. 

Posts can be published under your name, my name, or anonymously -- whichever best suits your marketing goals.

If you want my help on your blog on an ongoing basis, your best bet is for us to set up a "blogging package."  Contact me and we can work out the details to match your needs and budget.