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        Send Your Document to Boot Camp!

During my years as a managing editor of newspapers and a magazine, I spent many hours each day editing and sometimes rewriting the copy of other professional writers. Those talented writers had college degrees in journalism or English and years of professional writing experience. But we would never have considered printing a reporter's article without editing it first. 

                                 “The professional knows he needs an editor,
and the amateur thinks he doesn't need
                                              Mark Paul, editor
                                              Sacramento Bee


Yet some people who are not professional writers believe their prose are ready to be published without being edited. I agree with the observation below: "Every writer needs an editor." I also agree with what book editor William Targ wrote: "There is no such thing as a publishable first draft."

                                 “Every writer needs an editor.”    

I will put your rough draft or existing copy through boot camp. Your document needs to lose some fat and be whipped into shape. Your edited document will be leaner, more focused, more effective, and more elegant.

Professional editing/rewriting includes:

1. Proofreading
* Spelling, grammar and punctuation
* Correct word choice (its vs. it’s; your vs. you’re; effect vs. affect, etc.)
* Consistency (capitalization, abbreviation, hyphenation, use of numbers, etc.)
* Formatting errors

2. Clarity and Style
* Correct awkward sentence structure
* Eliminate redundancies
* Remove cliches, jargon, biases

3. Trim! (Get out the dreaded black felt pen)
Typically a third to half of a rough draft should not survive to the final draft. Most writing can be improved dramatically by the ruthless application of a black felt pen. However, most people seem to find it excruciating to use the delete key. Trimming the fat is one of the most important benefits of good editing. You don't want boring, extraneous and irrelevant material. You don't need material that is not making your point or selling your product. Don't worry. I'm ruthless with the black felt pen.

4. Structural Editing
* Reorganizing content to improve composition and flow
* Addressing logic issues
* Writing supplemental new copy as needed to make the restructured copy flow

5. Notes:
As I read your piece, I may also create detailed written notes and questions about your copy.

          Are you ready to send your copy to boot camp?

• See my Rates and Terms page for details.

I perform all editing services myself.  Unlike many editing services, I do not subcontract out your project to less qualified editors.

• I am happy to edit your online content. Just give me your copy in an editable Word or Text file or give me access to your back panel content management system.

Trial run?  If you have a large project (more than 20 pages), I will be happy to do the first hour of editing as a trial run. That will give you a better idea of the value my editing brings. Then you can decide whether you want me to complete your project. If you decide not to continue, all you pay is my hourly rate ($65) or the per-word rate for the copy I have edited, whichever is lower.

• If you request it, I will use Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” function to enable you to review and accept/reject each edit. However, I don’t recommend it. That tool really slows down the editing process, and it creates more work for you, too. My preference is to simply give you back a new-and-improved draft, without drawing attention to every change I made. But it’s up to you.

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