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                           The Words Matter

Terry A. Hull, professional writer  
I worked for several years as a JOURNALIST -- a business and government reporter, feature writer, columnist, and ultimately the managing editor of two daily newspapers in Oklahoma.

Then I spent some time in the NONPROFIT SECTOR, including a stint as Director of Publications for one of the nation’s largest nonprofits, Feed The Children. I've done it all for nonprofits: webpages, magazine writer and editor, newsletter writer and editor, fundraising, direct mail. I continue to do some work for a few worthy nonprofits and Christian ministries.

                Terry A. Hull, freelance commercial writer

Most of my work for several years has been in BUSINESS -- writing webpages, marketing materials,  newsletters, blog posts, news releases, and ghost-writing articles for execs to shop to top-ranked journals and websites.

Recently I have been drawn to CRYPTOCURRENCY and BLOCKCHAIN. Many say it is the next revolution, like PCs in the '70s and the Internet in the '90s. The Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoin, blockchain boom is resulting in plenty of interesting webpages, marketing materials and white papers to be written. I'm that writer. 

WHAT'S YOUR PROJECT?  Let's talk about it.  I have far more experience in a broader range of projects than most professional writers you'll ever talk to. I look forward to visiting with you.    

Terry A. Hull, freelance commercial writer         


To create clear,
compelling copy.

To bring clarity and
charisma to your
ideas, products and

Compelling copy that
communicates to
hearts and inspires
to action.


• Master's degree, Industrial-Organizational Psychology (completed all courses and internship; did not complete thesis); Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico

Master's degree, New Testament Exposition; Johnson University Graduate School, Knoxville, Tennessee


Norma and I live in the Oklahoma City area, and we love it here. OKC is a progressive city in America's heartland and the hub of a 1.4 million population metro area. OKC is the 27th most populated U.S. city -- larger than Las Vegas, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Kansas City, Miami, Cleveland, Oakland, Minneapolis, St. Louis, New Orleans, Cincinnati, or Pittsburgh.

Our home is Edmond, a beautiful suburb on historic Route 66 on OKC's northern edge.  Edmond is a great little city of 90,000, the home of two universities and Hafer Park, a gorgeous city park.

There is plenty to do and see here in OKC. The pace is pleasant and the traffic is tolerable (but less so each year). The climate changes with the seasons (which I like), but is mostly moderate (which I also like). Oklahoma City is a great place to live and to work.

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