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Experienced professional writer for businesses
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Clear, compelling,
creative copy.  


The words matter.
Experience matters.

Terry A. Hull
freelance commercial writer



Wouldn't LIFE BE GREAT if you had an experienced professional writer you could turn to whenever the need arises, just by sending a quick email?

Someone who quickly GETS WHAT YOUR PROJECT IS ABOUT and gives you back a quality finished product. Professionally done. Well-written. Creative. On deadline.

CRAZY IDEA. What if your next web page, newsletter or brochure was well-written and fun to read -- rather than tedious and snooze-inducing?

BETTER BOUNCE RATE. Bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who leave your website after taking one look. Do you even know what your bounce rate is? You may not want to know! 

BETTER SIRFQ. That's your straight into the round file quotient for the printed materials you create. The cost of printing, distributing and mailing is one big waste if the copy isn't worth reading. The words matter! The words always matter.

Let's talk about:

        • original copy             • web pages             • newsletters
• editing and
• marketing
• email
• opinion pieces• press releases• blog posts    
• speech writing• white papers• ghostwriting 

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